Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Mike Vanderboegh, fat fuck "patriot leader" (haha) too chubby to march and who suggest his very chubby and lame followers throw bricks through windows of Democratic Party offices. Currently accepting Social Security from the government he detests. Bad American. I believe he was/is used by Fox and Darrell Issa in an attempt to give the President a hard time. Anyone should hand over records, it should be that car stealing slime, Darrell Issa. Vanderboegh's body is certainly not much of a threat and I don't think he could throw a brick much further than, say, a a 3 grade girl if that. Clown!

'One Neighbor's Wife':

"Each hair is precious and individual, serving a distinct role in the array: blonde to invisibility where the thigh and abdomen join, dark to opacity where the tender labia ask protection, hearty and ruddy as a forester's beard beneath the swell of belly, dark and sparse as the whiskers of a Machiavel where the perineum sneaks backward to the anus. My pussy alters by the time of day and according to the mesh of underpants. It has its satellites: the whimsical line of hairs that ascend to my navel and into my tan, the kisses of fur on the inside of my thighs, the lambent fuzz that ornaments the cleavage of my fundament. Amber, ebony, auburn, bay, chestnut, cinnamon, hazel, fawn, snuff, henna, bronze, platinum, peach, ash, flame, and field mouse: these are but a few of the colors my pussy is."             John Updike

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The Donald and Trump Hotels


Now open by appointment. Drive right up to the door. Bring dogs, kids, and your cigar!
Phone: 916-641-7696
Cattle Barron don't pay their share for public range land
Right wing radio creepy hack, Ed Crane of Crane's Corner. Guy is a lapdog of the far right. On KFBK propaganda radio, Sacramento, California.  Talks the birther crap...

http://740parkave.blogspot.com/ Where David Koch lives 

Setting up in my large metal shed. Not far from The Kitchen in Sacramento and Boca de Bippa. Email me and come have a look. You don't even have to get out of your limo if you feel like being difficult.

The King of Nordstrom Arden Fair Mall 
Yes, the girls are cuter at Arden Fair Mall than Roseville Galleria

State Rep. Jim Stamas, Majority leader Michigan House of Representatives barred a female State Rep. from taking the floor indefinitely for using the word: vagina. This offensive and undemocratic pig owns a pizza place in Midland, Michigan named: Pizza Sam's. Here is the phone number: 989-631-1934 Do you think they deliver in California? I'm willing to find out.
Another right wing dope is James Wigerson of Wisconsin, a political op

 What are your going to do when gas drillers frack land near you and ruin your water supply with toxic chemicals? This is happening now! Do you have livestock?, do your kids wade in the creek?


Serr8d is a fuking right wing twit. StopRush

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